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Our History

The history of Garbi restaurant starts in 1924, when Petros Garbis, enchanted by Vouliagmeni’s natural beauty, chose the current Astir Beach, to operate his tavern called “The Ace of Wine’’ for the summer season. For the rest of the season and primarily the winter months, he was running the “Ace of Wine” tavern in picturesque Plaka, at 8 Lysiou Street.

Since then, that part of Vouliagmeni, became a favorite spot for fishermen and as time went by, many of the later famous Greeks learned the tavern and started going there to taste good food, to enjoy the heavenly beauty, nature’s virginity and landscape’s peace, along with fresh fish that “Barba-Nicolas” and other fishing boats used to bring daily at the beach. When in 1959 the plans for Astera’s Resort construction started, Garbis had to change location. He was seeking for a place with similar characteristics that his favorite tavern had. So, after a lot of research, he chose a beach at small Kavouri, which despite all changes it underwent, it still exists today, at Iliou 21 and Selinis Street, as Garbi Restaurant.

In 1993, Petros’ three daughters, Angeliki, Vasiliki and Eleni, took restaurant’s wheel in theirs hands, a symbolism that is being pictured in a big wooden navy wheel, that Vaso and Angeliki bought at their beginning. This wheel can be seen at the restaurant’s entrance, along with Savina’s Porcelain Kores, a sculpture installation by porcelain.

Restaurant’s leadership still holds the second and third generation of Garbi family with responsibility, hospitality and attention to details, with renewed knowledge and long experience, with insistence on consistency and aesthetics, but above all in quality of raw material, they continually renew the place, so that all offered services are equal with restaurant’s beautiful view, with recent renovation the one that happened under the supervision of the talented architect Paulos Chatziaggelidis. The pattern of fishbone that exists at the restaurant is used as a direct reference for its fresh and very tasty fish that is being received daily from Lero’s fish boats and served. It is a constant and tested cooperation of many years, which has made this restaurant fairly famous and as one of the best and unbeatable restaurants, for fresh fish, not only in the south suburbs but in whole Athens.

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